The Top 3 Reasons For Boiler Repairs In Cornwall

combi boilers display from top 3 reasons for boiler failures in CornwallI’ve spent many years as a Heating Engineer repairing boilers throughout Cornwall. It’s a journey which has taken me all over the County although I’ve spent the majority of my time around my home area covering Wadebridge, Padstow and Bodmin.  On my travels I have found that a lot of the time boilers seem to fail for similar reasons.  I thought it would make a handy checklist if I shared an article on the top reasons for boiler breakdowns which seem to come up time and again when I get called out to a boiler repair.

Low system pressure on a sealed system

Low system pressure on a sealed system is often not a major problem and the system may have just lost a bit of pressure over a long period of time (a sealed system with no faults should hold pressure for 1 year plus). However if it goes down on a regular basis it can indicate faults. If left to run their course these can cause further damage. The most common faults are easily resolvable by a heating engineer, these can include, leaks on the boiler or system, leaking pressure release valve and faulty expansion vessels.

Faults with diverter valves

Diverter valves can fail simply due to age but all internal boiler components can often fail prematurely due to dirty/corrosive water in the radiator system. This is why it’s important to ensure your system has a chemical inhibitor added after it has been drained down and it’s also worth having the system cleaned every few years. In my opinion ensuring a system has clean/inhibitor treated water is the best way to keep your boiler trouble free and running efficiently. We can also fit a magnet cleaner to remove to sludge deposits from your existing system which can be a great way of improving your central heating system’s lifespan.

Electrical faults

Finally, it’s electrical faults. Which admittedly covers a vast array of problems from a boiler not lighting to a boiler cutting out half way through a shower. Modern Combi Boilers are full of printed circuit boards (PCB’S), sensors, thermostats and switches and sometimes these things seem to have a limited life and just ‘pack in’. The good news is that many of these components are easy to replace and Truswell Gas Services can have your boiler up and running again as quickly as possible if you ever get a problem with your boiler.

Cornwall’s mild winters help protect our boilers

To end on a positive note, I’ve noticed that Cornwall’s mild winters make frost related problems to a central heating system and boiler pretty rare. In the rest of the U.K condense pipes freezing can cause the boiler to shut down and this is a very common boiler repair call out during the winter months elsewhere. Luckily coastal towns like Padstow and Newquay don’t often (if ever) suffer from deep overnight frosts. As we know ourselves, we get off lightly with gale force winds, big swell and driving rain in the winter months instead!Waves crashing in a Cornish Winter Storm