St Austell Boiler Service Highlights the Importance of Getting Your Boiler Checked

The Importance of Servicing and Maintaining Your Boiler

I recently had a call to service a Worcester Combi Boiler in St Austell, a town I regularly work in on my rounds keeping Cornwall’s boilers running smoothly. This particular service helped to highlight the importance of getting your boiler regularly safety checked or serviced. This is one of the best means of ensuring a boiler’s safety and keeping it running efficiently.

Lessons To Learn From This Boiler Service

There were a number of problems which came up with the boiler so I took a few photos and thought I’d run through them here to give you an idea of some of the issues which can exist behind the scenes if you don’t take good care of your boiler.

Boiler Flue Not Sitting Correctly

The flue for this boiler wasn’t sitting correctly.

The first problem I came across was while I was inspecting the outside of the boiler installation. The photo shows that the flue  wasn’t sitting correctly to allow the fumes from the boiler to escape properly. The flue is an essential part of a boiler system which works to remove fumes from the boiler to the outside. I was able to re-align the flue so that it had the correct angle for the boiler to function at it’s best again.

Flue Had Become Disengaged

Flue found to be disengaged during a boiler service
Boiler flue had become disengaged

Further investigation inside the property revealed two more faults with the flue. Firstly, the flue had come apart potentially allowing fumes to escape into the property. This was a major safety risk which needed to be addressed straight away. I made sure that the flue pipework was coupled properly and fixed so that this could not become a problem in future.

Flue Was Not Sealed Properly

Boiler service found the hole through the wall was not sealed around the flue
The hole through the wall was not sealed around the flue

The third problem this flue was suffering from was an installation error which unfortunately I see all too often. The  hole through the wall had not been sealed properly around the flue when the boiler was first installed. In this case the gap around the flue was very large and, aside from the problems it would bring with potential flue movement, it was allowing cold air from the outside to come into the property.

Putting Things Right

I was able to rectify both these faults by connecting the flue back together, sealing around the flue with fire cement and carry on with the routine boiler service. The customer was lucky they decided to service their boiler when they did as these were major, potentially dangerous, problems with their boiler which they were completely unaware of until the service.

Condense Trap Showed it Was High Time For A Service

Seriously mucky condense trap from boiler
The condense trap was definitely in need of a clean!

The rest of the boiler system was in good order although it was definitely high time for the service as the state of the condense trap showed! This was a particularly mucky example of these components and so it felt good to be able to give it a good clean to help the boiler run to at it’s best again.


Does Your Boiler Need a Service?

Hopefully this article has showed you the potential benefits of getting your boiler regularly serviced. For landlords and those that let their houses out for holiday lets the law requires them to have a Landlord Gas Safety Check annually. This means that problems like those mentioned in this article would be spotted. But for the rest of us it can be easy to forget about our boiler systems while they seem to be running fine. However, it’s definitely worth spending a little getting your boiler serviced now rather than potentially having bigger, more expensive, problems further down the line. A stitch in time, they say!