Broken Central Heating and Hot Water Boiler? Should You Repair or Replace it?

If your Combi Boiler has broken down you may be asking yourself, “Will it be worth fixing or has the time come to replace it”?

Should You Repair Or Replace your broken boiler?

New Boiler Installation by Truswell Gas
New Boiler Installation

It’s often a difficult decision whether to ‘call it a day’ with your current boiler, especially if you’ve just been through a frustrating winter of spells without central heating and hot water whilst waiting for assistance from your heating engineer to repair your broken boiler. I do enjoy fixing things and admire the traditional mindset of maintaining something that has life in it and so I always like to see a boiler problem repaired when it’s the most cost effective option. However, with the current pace of technological advancements, energy efficiency and very long manufacture warranties within the Combi Boiler industry, it might not always be the best solution. When an older boiler is suffering from a problem which will be expensive to fix, it can often make more sense to replace it with a new, more efficient Combi Boiler with many years of warranty cover ahead of it. The initial outlay which might be involved with this route can often soon made up for by the years of savings in future repair bills which sticking with an aging faulty boiler might bring with it.

Tips and Insight to Help With The Difficult Decision of Whether to Replace Your Boiler

The final decision whether to the repair or replace your boiler will depend on a lot of factors, including the age of your boiler, how reliable it has been up until the current problem and your own approach to the prospect of future maintenance costs versus any extra expenditure in the short term. If you are facing this dilemma, the following are a few personal thoughts which may help you decide what is the best solution for your particular situation:

  • Repairing a boiler is cheaper in the short term. Many good, faithful boilers have had the odd part changed and continue to provide reliable heating and hot water for many years.
  • If the boiler has a problematic history and costs money on a regular basis it may be financially beneficial to replace it.
  • Most good boiler manufacturers such as Baxi, Alpha, Worcester (and many more) come with very long 5 – 10 year warranties.
  • A new boiler will offer better hot water flow rates and run central heating more efficiently.

If you need more information on the option to repair your boiler you can head over to our Boiler Repairs page. Alternatively, if you’re looking into the replacement option here’s a link to our Boiler Installations page.

A Rough Guide to The Figures Involved

A good rule of thumb, based on our experience within the heating industry, is that if a fairly old boiler (10yrs+) needs more that £250 spent on it, it may be time to consider a replacement. The cost to replace an existing broken boiler with a new reputable boiler often costs less than people think. From around £1,500 a homeowner can have a brand new boiler installed, with the benefit of 5+ years of warranty and far more efficient running costs to offset the initial outlay.

We repair and replace boilers for our customers all over Cornwall so if you’re having trouble with your boiler and need some professional advice, just give us a call or an email and we’ll take a look for you.

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